Transferring a Domain Name to Another Registrar

To Transfer your domain name away from NAMECLUB.CO.UK to another Registrar

  1. Before proceeding with the Transfer, you are advised to first check if your domain name can be transferred. 1

    Domain Name Extension Specific Caveats 

    Once a .TEL domain name is transferred, a new .TEL Hosting Control panel will be allocated by the New/Gaining Registrar. This results in deletion of the .TEL Hosting Control Panel with NAMECLUB.CO.UK.

    Hence, before initiating the Transfer of a .TEL domain name, you need to create a backup of the data under the .TEL Hosting Control Panel with NAMECLUB.CO.UK and download it to your local computer. Once the domain name has been transferred, you can restore the data from within the .TEL Hosting Control Panel provided by the New/Gaining Registrar.

  2. Once you have determined whether a domain name can be transferred, you will need to apply for the Transfer at the Registrar of your choice. Refer to the New/Gaining Registrar's Transfer process to transfer your domain name under their management.


    You may require a Domain (Transfer) Secret/Authorization Code to complete the Transfer process. 2

  3. Once you have confirmed the Transfer with the New/Gaining Registrar, we would receive an intimation about this Transfer. NAMECLUB.CO.UK would then be sending an email to the Registrant Contact of the domain name, informing them that a request for Transfer of this domain name has been placed with the New/Gaining Registrar.

    Domain Transfer Authorization 
    • If you do not wish to Transfer your domain name to this New/Gaining Registrar, click the Cancel Transfer Link listed in the email within 5 days, from the date the email was sent.

    • Upon placing a Transfer request for a .AU domain name, NAMECLUB.CO.UK would be emailing the Registrant Contact for his approval.

    • Upon placing a Transfer request for your .ES domain name with the New/Gaining Registrar, the .ES Registry will email the Admin Contact listed in the Whois of the domain name. The Admin Contact must click the approval link within 10 days to confirm the Transfer. If the approval link is not clicked or the decline link is clicked, the domain name will continue being registered with NAMECLUB.CO.UK.

  4. The domain name will get transferred to the New/Gaining Registrar, at the expiry of 5 days from you having approved the Transfer at the New Registrar, provided the Registrant Contact does not cancel the Transfer.